Food Service

Marfood USA’s Pampeano Chef Select items are ready-to-serve, shelf-stable, fully-cooked and seasoned-popular beef products to help decrease the time and effort required for you to make a great meal. Our chef-level quality and flavor along with extraodinary yields combine to help you the get the most out of every container.

Pampeano Chef Select Cans

  • 6lb Canned Corned Beef – Great for slicing to make sandwiches or serving on a plate with cabbage or rice. Combine with potatoes to make Corned Beef Hash.
  • 6lb Canned Beef Cubes – Use to make stews, eat with vegetables and/or rice, or this product can be easily shredded to make tacos or enchiladas.
  • 6lb Canned Ground Beef – Perfectly seasoned to complete popular dishes such as burritos, chili and sloppy joe.
  • 6lb Canned Burrito Seasoned Ground Beef – An ideal choice when making delicious burritos.
  • 6lb Canned Chipotle Seasoned Ground Beef – Perfect addition to spice up any south of the border meal.
  • 6lb Canned Taco Seasoned Ground Beef – Great for taco night, whether it’s in a hard shell or soft shell.
  • 6lb Canned Enchilada Seasoned Ground Beef – A prime ingredient to any dish in need of that classic Tex-Mex taste.
  • 6lb Canned Meatballs in Gravy – A  meal when served over rice, pasta or just on its own.