Meat Snacks


When it comes to strength of character, you’ll find the biggest and the best in one place. Whether it’s Soft & Tender®, Tender Chew™ or Premium Cut, every option benefits from the vast experience of the largest meat snacks producer in the world. Our beef jerky comes from grass-fed, open-range cattle exclusively, a guarantee that your brand delivers on the natural integrity upon which the beef jerky tradition was founded. Marfood USA customers have the options needed to make the best choice for their shoppers. Besides our traditional beef jerky offerings that are available in an array of flavors, Marfood USA customers have access to other in-demand items such as organic beef jerky, 100 percent premium cut beef brisket and all natural beef jerky.Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

“I am a huge fan of jerky, peppered especially. This last bag of Pecos Bill’s peppered is the greatest bag of jerky I have ever had. Smoked, peppered to perfection. Just delicious. Thank you so much for a great product. You’ve got me for life.”


“I love your Pecos Bills beef jerky. Thank you!”