Who is Marfrig Group?
Who is Marfood USA?
What brands does Marfood USA own?
What other beef products does Marfood USA offer?
Is Marfood USA a publicly held company?
How do I reach out to Marfood USA to partner with my 501(c)(3) non-profit organization?
Where are you located?
How do I make a comment about your products?

Who Is Marfrig Group?

Marfrig Group is the parent company of Marfood USA, and is one of the largest and most diversified global food companies in the world. Marfrig’s portfolio of businesses are involved in the production and distribution of fresh, processed, and prepared beef, pork, and poultry products, as well as frozen pre-cooked potatoes, vegetables, cold cuts and sausages, fish, ready-to-eat meals and pastas. The company also has semi-finished and finished leathers business. Marfrig also provides wide variety of products and services to clients in food distribution and quick serve restaurant industry.

Who is Marfood USA?

Marfood USA is the world’s largest marketer and distributor of Private Label Beef Jerky, servicing more than 25,000 retail locations and has been the trusted supplier of nearly 70% of the top retailers in North America.  Our company also offers an extensive line-up of canned beef products including Corned Beef and Chili available for Private Label or in one of our Control Brands.  Marfood USA is also the owner of Pemmican Brand Beef Jerky, the third best selling national brand in the United States, as well as Pecos Bill’s Brand, the number one selling brand in Western Canada.

What Brands Does Marfood USA own?

Along with our customers’ own private label brands , Marfood USA produces meat snacks under Pemmican, Pecos Bill’s and Farmer’s Market Organic brands, along with canned beef products in the Pampeano brand. We also deliver a roster of regional and control brands.

What Other Beef Products Does Marfood USA Offer?

In addition to meat snacks, Marfood USA’s product portfolio offers retail sized and food service canned beef along with industrialized beef products such as beef extract, casings, frozen cooked beef and specialty beef items.

Is Marfood USA a Publicly Held Company?

Marfood USA is a subsidiary of the Marfrig Group. Marfrig Group is a publicly traded company listed on the Sao Paolo, Brazil stock exchange. For Marfrig Group investor relations information, please visit this site: http://ir.marfrig.com.br/eng/home/index.asp

How Do I Reach Out to Marfood USA to Partner with My 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization?

Environmental sustainability and community involvement is very important to us at Marfood USA. Please click here to email our community relations team regarding your event and its purpose so that we can further discuss this important opportunity with you.

Where Are You Located?

Marfood USA is just west of Detroit, Mich., and sits about 10 minutes east of Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). Please click here to find Marfood USA on Google Maps.

How Do I Make a Comment About Your Products?

We take great pride in all of our beef products and would love to receive your feedback. Please click here to comment on one of our products.