Corporate Responsibility

At Marfood USA, we believe one of the most important measures of character a successful company can demonstrate is an understanding of its role and responsibility on a much larger scale. Based on these values, we are in continuous communication with our customer, consumer and supplier community to find more ways to improve social and environmental conditions.  We also want to share what Marfood USA – Marfrig Group is doing for sustainability:

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Marfrig Group has been, for a few years, developing pioneering actions towards the sustainability of the entire chain of meat-based foods in Brazil.  This strategy of continuous improvement has led Marfrig to great results. For us and for the planet.


Continuously developed and improved, our system for purchasing cattle in the Amazon ensures that anaimals do not come from newly deforested or illegally occupied areas.  All our products are guaranteed to source from rural properties to date with environmental standards.


More than a certification program for farms, it encourages farmers to use best management and social environment welfare practices.  Farms certified by Marfrig Club have an international standard of management, resulting in high quality and healthy products in a sustainable and profitable business environment.


Last year, Marfrig was the first company in the industry to conduct an greenhouse gases emissions inventoryl not only in Brazil, but in 22 countries where it operates.  Knowing its carbon footprint was the key step to establish an overall strategy to reduce emissions.  This year, Marfrig will also know the emissions of its suppliers, which will allow it to expand efforts to reduce the carbon footprint across its supply chain.


For a few years now, Marfrig has been gradually replacing the use of fossil fuels with renewable sources such as sugarcane bagasse, animal oil and certified wood. It also has been making improvements in its wastewater treatment systems such as, for example, the biodigesters that process organic materials into energy. Those in the Diamantino (MT) Seara unit generate enough energy to supply not only the entire agroindustrial complex; it generates as much energy as to supply a town of 8,500 inhabitants.


In 2010, Marfrig Group prioritized energy from renewable sources. The results of this strategic decision and the commitment of all its professionals is being celebrated this year: 87 percent of the use of all electrical and thermal energy in Brazil now comes from renewable sources.


Through partnerships and the supply of seedings, Marfrig Group has been encouraging the planting of eucalyptus for the continuous generation of renewable energy and environmental security for farmers and their agricultural facilities. In addition, we maintain Group-owned forests and leased areas, and all wood consumed in its operations is obtained from a legal and sustainable management.


Also in a pioneering way, Marfrig Group is the first in the industry to understand how water is used throughout the production chain. Using the Water Footprint Network methodology, we have mapped the use of water from the source of farm inputs, such as corn and soybeans, to the final processing of its products. This initiative was recently recognized by Brazilian magazine IstoÉ Dinheiro, which elected Marfrig as one of its “50 Good Companies.”