Marfrig Mission, Vision and Values




The corporate vision of Marfrig Group is to be recognized in the Brazilian and international markets for excellence in the processing and marketing of high-quality products in all of its segments and brands and to continue expanding in the domestic and international markets, with a firm commitment to the continuous improvement of its products, sustainable growth and the profitability of its business.


Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners by supplying exceptional products through the use of modern technology and qualified labor, while operating with social and environmental responsibility and creating value for clients, partners, employees, shareholders and the communities where we operate.

To fulfill its mission and vision, Marfrig Group strives to:

  • Assure the quality and soundness of all phases of the process
  • Employ ethical business practices in all negotiations in the productive system
  • Achieve client and supplier loyalty through long-lasting partnerships
  • Value and train its professionals
  • Employ cutting-edge technology in production processes
  • Act responsibly in its relationship with society and the environment


Simplicity and agility are differentials that permeate our attitudes and actions, notably in serving our customers.

We, members of the Marfrig Group, are committed to respecting and promoting, collectively or individually, the following Values:

  • Commitment to the Customers and Consumers
  • Respect for the Environment
  • Excellence and Quality
  • Social Responsibility
  • Safety
  • Integrity


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