Customer Service


Marfood USA focuses on customer service. In fact, our corporate structure is specifically designed for customer service to be the center point of our activity. It’s one of the ways Marfood USA adds value for our customers. Aside from your Marfood USA sales manager, each customer is assigned an in-house customer service representative that is versed on the particular needs and requirements of each individual customer. Marfood USA CSRs are available at any time to provide the latest update and information, answer questions or simply give our customers the confidence to know their brand asset is taken care of professionally.

Marfood USA also has its own in-house art and graphics department which allows our customers to quickly react to changes in market conditions or labeling regulations. Our experienced graphic design professionals give customers comfort in knowing Marfood USA is fully prepared to develop a full line of packaging made especially for you, with artwork handled all the way from concept to prepress.

Marfood USA also pioneered the industry leading “Template Packaging System™” offering our customers the highest-quality packaging and cost efficiency. We do this by pairing massive packaging material runs which flow into our proprietary labeling and graphics template system. This allows customers to develop their own unique store brand program with the same efficiencies as a national brand.